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#6703 worksforme .LINK() DOES NOT WORK WITH AUTOCOMPLETE twenzel

I've a textbox bound to a member via .link(). When I select a proposed item from the dropdown, the value is not delegated to the object.

// link persons
		for(var i =0;i<data.members.length;i++)
			var member = data.members[i];
			var firstnameEdit = $("#firstname";
			var lastnameEdit = $("#lastname";
			var birthyearEdit = $("#birthyear";						
// use cause does not work, {
				firstname:  "firstname",
				lastname:  "lastname",
				birthyear:  "birthyear",
			// autocomplete für die personen
				source: "/de/Index/Events/autocompletefirstname",
				minLength: 2,				
				source: "/de/Index/Events/autocompletelastname",
				minLength: 2,				
#4932 worksforme .add'ing a tab with a bad url causes odd behavior Palamedes

I have 4 tabs;

$("#tabs").tabs("add", "#tab01", "First Tab", 0); $("#tabs").tabs("add", "/bad/file/location.html", "Second Tab", 1); $("#tabs").tabs("add", "#tab03", "Third Tab", 2); $("#tabs").tabs("add", "#tab04", "Fourth Tab", 3);

While the tabs do create, clicking on them doesn't navigate through them as you would expect. You have to click to the third one to go to the second, 4th to the 3rd.. click the 4th again to go to the 4th.. *boggle* etc..

I am using 1.7 not sure if this was addressed already.

#5617 notabug .attr("src") shows different values for ie7 vs 8 hsnopi

Found an issuein ie7 vs 8. take the code <img src="/file/path/goes/here/1.jpg"> at the site

$("img").attr("src"); shows the following in IE 8:


but in IE 7:

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