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#4247 wontfix New Dialog Widget Option: Close Button Audacitor

Dialog widgets should have an additional option that allows the developer to choose whether or not the dialog has a close button. The lack of a close button can be useful in circumstances where the dialog is the main window, and needs to be on the screen at all times.

Some may feel that this undermines the purpose of the dialog widget, in the same way using a table based layout undermines the purpose of a CSS layout. Dialogs should be for presenting information, not acting as application windows. In this case, perhaps the addition of a window widget should be considered instead.

#4557 duplicate Position of the helper is wrong Axel.Jung


I have a problem with the offset of the helper If the parent of the helper(lasso) has an offset from the page the offset of the helper(lasso) is positioned as if it's parent didn't have an offset. In my case the page is very long, so you can't see the helper anymore. There is a similar ticket #4377, but the provided patch there did not solve the problem. I created a testcase. You need to scroll down the div to see the drag items (to demonstrate the issue).



#5278 fixed ui.buttons doesn't visually reset on form "reset" event or input "change" event AzaToth


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