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#5120 fixed .autocomplete("widget") must return menu Jörn Zaefferer

Create a ul once and always return the same element. Also put the ui-autocomplete class on that element.

#7959 notabug .button("enable") is enabling wrong element when used on a .clone()'d element jdestef

In that fiddle, b is the second button, however b.("enable") is enabling the first button.

Furthermore, if i used b.button({disabled: false}) or b.button("option", "disabled", false), absolutely nothing happens :)

#5195 fixed .buttonset() prevents change event from being catchable. ajpiano

As originally discovered at, the buttonset is preventing the change event from being caught on radio buttons within the buttonset, on the buttonset element itself, or on any other element in the DOM (via .live() or change bubbling).

To see this bug in action, please see

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