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#15139 fixed Spinner: Mousewheel events should be ignored when the input is not focused Scott González s0By

I know this is somewhat intentional feature and is really annoying when the page is being scrolled by a user and, when the mouse gets over the spinner input, the page stops scrolling and spinning event starts inside the input.

This must be controlled. I bet in majority cases you would want to use a mousewheel scroll only when the input is actually focused. To comply for everyone, this could be made as an option, something simillar to what was done 7 years ago here:

I don't like to tamper with the solution and to keep overwriting the code as the version goes higher, good options could be included by original developers.

#15138 notabug checkboxradio label property didn't work if there is no label tags for the associated radio button. Keenan Mandela Gebze

The code:

I'm thinking that creating a radio button without its associated label can be done:

<input type="radio" name="price" value="Very Not Agree" />
<input type="radio" name="price" value="Not Agree" />
<input type="radio" name="price" value="Agree" />
<input type="radio" name="price" value="Very Agree" />

    var radios = $("input[type='radio']");
        label: "tests"

But, instead of creating four checkboxradio buttons with "tests" as its label, it jquery throws an

"Uncaught Error: No label found for checkboxradio widget"


To fix this error, I would have to put an id field and a label tag for each of the radio buttons. (Which will be costly if I have hundreds of them!)

So I consider this as either a bug and a feature request!


Bug: I expect that by specifying an object with "label" property to the checkboxradio() method, the resulting checkboxradio button will display the specified label regardless of the absence/or presence of label tag (<label>).

Feature request: It would be nice if the default radio button label come from the radio button's value, if there is no associated label.

#15137 notabug The Themeroller Converter Site Not Responding fabinnrox

The url: are not responding, the site does not working

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