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#3770 fixed Demo pages need the 'view source' and 'view demo in new window' links added filamentgroup

These are currently missing from the demo pages and are important to add back in. The 'view source' spindown can look and behave just like the older version on the demo pages. The 'view demo in new window' link is a new feature and it simply opens the current demo URL in a new tab/window so people can view the clean source.

Since the demo index page is all JS driven, I've placed a simple example of these links on the index page introduction block to serve as a reference. Please remove this markup once integrated (new HTML markup for landing page coming soon anyway).

#3771 wontfix Request for hover callback for datepicker [email protected]

A date hover callback for the datepicker would be very useful, allowing developers to present per-date context and thus allowing end users to select a date based on the contextualized information.

This approach is in contrast to asking the user to select a date and then presenting information that may cause the user to select a different date.

Some examples of how this might be useful:

  • ticket office showing seat availability for an event
  • an airline showing varying prices on different days
#3772 fixed Determine how to support effects across plugins Scott González

There should be a unified method for using effects across plugins.

accordion - open
accordion - close
autocomplete - open
autocomplete - close
datepicker - show
datepicker - hide
dialog - show
dialog - hide
dialog - resize
draggable: revert
resizable - resize (when ghosting)
slider - slide (click on bar)
sortable - sort
tabs - show
tabs - hide
tooltip - show
tooltip - hide

Proposed API: ._show() and ._hide() methods on $.Widget.

show: null                 // .show()
show: true                 // .fadeIn()
show: number               // .fadeIn( number )
show: string (effect name) // .show( effectName )
show: string (core method) // .coreMethod()
show: object (effect)      // .show( options )
show: object (core method) // .coreMethod( o.duration, o.easing )
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