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#15077 duplicate ui.tabs tries to insert the page into itself if the page has a <base> tag François REMY

Create a page with a <base href="http://..."> tag to another domain. Inside, create a tab bar containing at least one tab link, pointing to elements using <a .... href="#id">.

When you load the page, you should see a request being made to the base domain, then fails due to CORS restrictions. This request should not happen.

In Edge, things are worse because the request does succeed (we don't apply the <base> tag for the special-cased "" url) and the page is inserted into itself recursively, until the page becomes unusable.

You can view this behavior on:

It would be great to fix this bug in the _isLocal function by making sure that if the anchor.getAttribute('href').substr(0,1) is equal to '#', then the url is always considered local (to avoid <base> tag issues).

The code is in:

#4232 duplicate ui.tabs recursive loading behavior in IE when tab content loaded via jQuery chapmanp

When using ui.tabs with with jQuery 1.3.2 and ui 1.6rc6. If I load the top level tab div content using jQuery.html() and then init the tabs with $.('#tabs').tabs(), the tab loading fails in IE 6 and 7. It appears to be trying to load the tab content via ajax.

Example code:

In jQuery(document).ready...

var tabHtml = '<ul><li><a href="#foo">Foo</a></li><li><a href="#bar">Bar</a></li></ul><div id="foo">Foo Content</div><div id="bar">Bar Content</div>';



In the html body <div id="tabs"></div>

#5535 worksforme ui.tabs not rendering as tabs rabbit419

JQuery UI Tab widget is broken. Tabs appear as a bulleted list of buttons that have hover states but functionally don't do anything. All text from all tabs shows in the content area.

Visible here:

See attached image.

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