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#7972 duplicate ui.position rounds values, generating wrong positions Moshe Moshe

The fix for #5280 creates a problem when calculating positions for elements inside elements placed on non-integer positions.

The bug can be seen here:

For example, elements with percentage positions or margin: auto; can create problems for their sub-elements.

#8434 duplicate Wrong Month and Year Chosen when Open through ASP.NET Partial Postback Mr. Jefferson Mr. Jefferson

If a datepicker is open during an ASP.NET partial postback through an UpdatePanel, and the datepicker's control is in that UpdatePanel, then the date chosen will have the wrong year and month. The year will either be 1899 or 1900. This is documented on Stack Overflow here:

Reproduction procedure:

Set up a new ASP.NET (I've seen this in both 2 and 4) that includes jQuery, jQueryUI, the necessary CSS, and this markup:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="update" runat="server">
				<asp:DropDownList ID="dropdown" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true">
					<asp:ListItem Value="Foo" />
					<asp:ListItem Value="Bar" />
				<asp:TextBox ID="text" runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static" />
		<script type="text/javascript">
			$(document).ready(function ()
				$('#text').datepicker({ changeYear: true, showButtonPanel: true, yearRange: '-2:+2' });

			function pageLoad(sender, args)
				if (args._isPartialLoad == true)
					$('#text').datepicker({ changeYear: true, showButtonPanel: true, yearRange: '-2:+2' });


Get the focus to the dropdown, using the tab key if necessary. Press the b key to change the selection. Without doing anything else after this, click one of the next/previous month buttons at least once. If you click forward, you'll end up in January of the earliest year in the year dropdown (at time of writing with the above code, that's 2010). If you click backward, you'll end up in December, again with the earliest year in the dropdown. Then if you click a day, you end up with a date containing the displayed month and day but the year 1899 if you went back or 1900 if you went forward.

I've figured out a workaround where I supply a function for onChangeMonthYear and check to see if the year is 1899 or 1900. If so, I set the current date appropriately.

#7077 wontfix Button: Inconsistent button height in IE6 Necroman Necroman

When creating button with icon from <button> using jQuery .button({icons: {primary: icon}} method, the rendered height is different in current browsers vs IE6, even when using standard mode (not quirks). More specifically the height in IE6 is no less then 28px, in other browsers it's about 25px. I can't even use style with height:25px!important - it's not applied in IE6. This is a major problem for me - the solution is either use exactly 28px height buttons, or use custom made buttons. See this picture - left: IE6, right: Opera

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