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#1951 fixed datepicker: missing a few semi-colons so packing causes errors zelph

There are semi-colons missing in two places that I found that make it so you can not pack this script.

First is around line 805 at the end of the checkLiteral function.

Second is around line 851 after var date = new Date(year, month - 1, day)

#1952 fixed jQuery UI errors out when downloaded with only tabs. john peterwooley

When you attempt to include a build of jQuery UI that was downloaded with only the 'Tabs' option selected from (after jQuery has been included, of course), this error is given in Firefox / Windows:

(From Firebug)

$.ui[w] has no properties
Line 8

After the error, no jQuery UI functionality appears to work in any browser and $(foo).tabs() reports that it is not a function.

If, when downloading the build, "Draggables" and "Droppables" are selected, everything works as expected, except with a considerable file size increase.

#1958 fixed UI.sortables does not call the callback update paul aldur

The following code should call the callback function stopDrag but it doesn't.

$("ul.reorder").sortable({stop: stopDrag});
function stopDrag(e,ui) { alert("updated");}

add the following line at line 190 of ui.sortable.js

$(this.element).triggerHandler("sortstop", [e, that.prepareCallbackObj(this)], o.stop);

and it works

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