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#7307 duplicate element onblur event doesnt fire when jquery slider handle is clicked instead of anywhere else on the page in firefox or chrome 1jason

Hi there,

I have a page with a select box followed by a jquery slider. I have a simple alert that fires onblur of the select box.

What I've found in practice is that the alert only fires when the html page is clicked after the select box NOT when the slider handle is used.

Oddly, when I run this at jsfiddle, everything works as I would expect (in all browsers):

When I run it on a test page you can see this failure in action.

So this is quite evidently a bug in jquery (no solutions have been posted or found by me). I've since found that it only affects chrome(11) and firefox (3.6) while ie (8) is fine.

link to forum post with the same issue. ( J

#8220 notabug Make targeting weeks/days of week by CSS possible 1kenthomas 1kenthomas


It would be great if it were possible to target weeks or days of the week (such as mondays etc) by pure CSS-- it would expose the end-goal to people who know only CSS.

This is particularly important in systems such as Drupal, where one would rather not modify the base install of this module, creating a potential maintenance issue.

The above is based on the Drupal 7 distro; if status has changed, beat me with a wet noodle.



#6808 duplicate ui-state-hover not removed when button disabled 1mb

ui-state-hover class is not removed if button disabled while mouse is hovering over it. I got around this by doing $('#myButtonID').button({'disabled':true}); $('#myButtonID').removeClass('ui-state-hover');

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