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#7565 notabug Tabs Styling Error Nepabrite Nepabrite

Okay, so by itself, and inside a single accordion... no problem with tabs. When tabs is located within nested accordions, the navigation background goes unstyled and locates itself randomly.

Example (launched):

Look inside the nested accordions, and the styling issue becomes apparent.

#9756 wontfix Sortable: Allow calling refresh during drag NiGhTTraX NiGhTTraX

If you remove an item from a sortable while sorting and then call the refresh method it will cause the change event to fire at every mouse drag.

See this for more details. When you start sorting the list, or drag a draggable over, the sortover event will fire. In the event function, I remove the last element in the list and call refresh . Notice that the change event is logged in the console on every mouse drag.

The problem seems to be in the _mouseDrag function. More specifically, the event is triggered at line 406.

#6014 invalid datepicker ui popup moves on window resize Nicholas Llewellyn Nicholas Llewellyn

Seen on

Test: Popup datepicker, resize window, popup moves relative to the window not the content.

Response: I have seen that the 'page scolling issue' has been fixed by hiding the datepicker on scroll, maybe code can be added to hide the datepicker on viewport resize too?

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