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#3777 fixed Download Builder should include CSS Framework/theme files rdworth

As of the implementation of the new jQuery UI CSS Framework in 1.6rc4, all plugins depend on ui.core.css and more significantly, ui.{pluginname}.css.

The Download Builder zip file should include (from themes/base) ui.core.css, ui.theme.css, and ui.{pluginname}.css for each plugin selected.

#3778 fixed Unable to sellect month: numberOfMonths - maxDate - changeMonth combi bug. Briel

I have found a bug, and have a guess as to why it sometimes occurs.

It seems, when you are displaying several months and have set a max low date, the month drop down can break. You can't change the month, until you change the year or press prev/next month. This happens when the month drop down, is located on a month with a different year than the current.

Mt guess is, when the month drop down selector is located in a different year than the current day, the default year is displayed correct but is in reality the current year, thus making the month selections invalid by the max date. However when you yourself pick that year, it is then treated corrects thus enabling month selections.

To reproduce the bug, just set the maxDate at '1d' and numberofMonths to 1 + the month number (jan = 1).

#3779 fixed In quirksmode the datepicker does not obey the viewport caphun

In quirksmode the datepicker always shows in its default position (below the input box) even though there is no more space below the input. The viewport detection code is not executed. This issue was tested in IE6.

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