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#7204 fixed Tabs: Programmatically loading a tab shouldn't cancel active ajax requests Azhrei

I tried to implement an ajax-heavy page using Tabs and found multiple issues where some added details in the documentation would've been very helpful:

  • tabs("add", ...) will automatically load the page referenced by the URL parameter if it is the first tab being added.
  • tabs("load", ...) will cancel any pending ajax requests by Tabs before queuing up the new one.

I believe the second one might be a bug. I would like to load my page, dynamically determine which tabs I need and call add (which will auto-load the first one), and then queue up load requests for the others tabs. Ideally, I'd like the other tabs to load only upon completion of the first one.

Currently, in order to accomplish this here's what I do: call add and create all tabs with a URL of # (so nothing auto-loads), call url and change the URL for the first tab, call load and start it loading. In the tabsload event I set a timer to go off that does the same thing again for the next tab. I have to use a timer since the tabsload event is fired while handling the current ajax request and a direct attempt to call load for the next tab seems to cancel the current one!

This is the case with 1.8.10 and I've looked at the code for 1.8.11 and still see calls to .abort() inside load -- and a call to .load() inside add -- so I don't think anything has changed in this regard in the latest version.

#7317 notabug Datepicker and dialogue don't display correctly in jQuery 1.6 Azsenz

Decided to try out the new jQuery 1.6. The datepicker and dialogue have now lost all the theme formatting. They display basic text inside the dialogue but it is placed transparently over the existing page contents (ie no white background on the dialogue so you can still see the page underneath).

To replicate set up the basic jQuery UI dialogue or datepicker in sample code with jQuery 1.6.

#4805 notabug jQuery.sortable with block containing javascript (document.write) B3nitro


I'm new with jQuery and javascript framework in general, I've a "little" problem with the the sortable plugin.

I have a web page with blocks who I want to be able to sort them, most of this blocks have javascript function (document.write) inside and these blocks make crash the browser (firefox 3.5 ubuntu, not tested yet on other platforms/navigator). Thats crash only when I use document.write([data|js function]) or js function(){document.write(X)}. See attached files for a good exemple.

Thanks in advance :)

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