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#6169 duplicate .net controls inside a dialog rklose

1) In order to make .net controls work in a jquery UI dialog the dialogs need to attach to the form instead of the document.

This can be done with the follow modifications Change line 8816 in jquery-ui-1.8.5 to .appendTo((document.forms.item(0) != null) ? document.forms.item(0) : document.body)

Change line 9036 in jquery-ui-1.8.5 to uiDialog.appendTo((document.forms.item(0) != null) ? document.forms.item(0) : document.body);

That will allow .net control hosted in a dialog to function properly.

This however raises a new issue. Since the dialog is now in the form, it needs to not post back when you click its buttons. To fix this change line 9102 in jquery-ui-1.8.5 to var button = $('<button type="button"></button>', props)

This will create an issue with the some of the internal functions specifically rsingleTag.exec( selector ) on line 114 in jquery-1.4.2.js. The regular expression doesn't understand that a single tag could have attributes. It can be corrected by change line 51 in jquery-1.4.2.js to

rsingleTag = /<(\w+)(\s+\w+="?\w+"?)*\s*\/?>(?:<\/\1>)?$/,

#5850 fixed .outerWidth(), .outerHeight(), .innerWidth(), .innerHeight() setters Scott González

Make the inner/outer width/height functions act as setters.

#6851 notabug .outerWidth(1) Geler

When we use outerWidth(1) with the UI on its set the width of the object, with 1.8.7 to 0px and with 1.8.5 to 1px. Work fine if you remove UI.

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