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#7720 invalid moving large widgets over small droppable area Oleh Oleh

When starting moving large widget (or portlet) other droppable areas may shrink in width or change its position when selected widget obtained absolute positioning. However this.refreshPositions function is called before widget gets absolute positioning (see _mouseStart function), so we have old positions cached and sortable can't guess correctly which area it should use to insert widget to. It depends on old droppable area positions in that case insetad of actual.

#9613 duplicate Difference in ui.position depending on animate setting OliverSalzburg OliverSalzburg

I am working on a component where you can move markers on a grid. The markers can be dragged and dropped inside that grid and they can be horizontally resized.

When resizing a marker, I noticed that it would also change it's position slightly. This only seemed to happen when enabling animation for the resize operation.

While investigating this issue, I came across some behavior that seemed weird to me. You can observe this in this fiddle:

The fiddle will create a single marker on an imaginary grid. When, for example, increasing the width of the marker by one unit, the output in the console should look like:

start Object {left: 94, top: 75}
resize Object {left: 94, top: 75}
stop Object {left: 66, top: 55} 

However, when changing the animate property in the resizable call to false, the values in the log entry corresponding to the stop event have changed:

start Object {left: 66, top: 55}
resize Object {left: 66, top: 55}
stop Object {left: 66, top: 55} 
#5977 invalid jQuery UI Sorting Freezes WYSIWYG Editors PF1 PF1

When using the jQuery UI "Sortable" feature with WYSIWYG text editors, the moved text editor freezes and doesn't allow any editing. I have attached a page that demonstrates the problem with a CKEditor, but the bug can be demonstrated in all of the WYSIWYG editors I tested.

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