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#2004 fixed Can't drag sortables between two lists when one list is empty rdworth guy.fraser

I have two lists (divs with class="list") containing items (divs with class="vcard").

If I drag all the items from one list to the other (so that one of the lists now contains no items), I'm unable to drag items back in to the empty list.

See: - drag all the members to the non-members panel then try dragging a non-member in to the members panel.

#2007 fixed Bring selected Dialog to front of other dialogs. (Patch Included) Xichekolas

When you have multiple dialogs opened, they always layer in the order that they were opened, with the most recent on top. This patch (see diff below) brings the dialog you click on to the front of the others (by changing z-index css properties).

Using it locally, thought others might like it.

#2008 fixed [PATCH] Open and Close Multiple Dialogs rdworth Xichekolas

Two problems:

  1. All dialogs were opening with the same data. This made all the close buttons only close the most recently opened dialog. Fixed this by adding the 'new' keyword before the call to $.ui.dialogInit
  1. Closing a dialog only sets it to display:none. However, reopening the dialog actually creates a whole duplicate dialog, rather than unhiding the existing one. This is because the if statement that checked to see if the div on which we call .dialog() is already a dialog was checking for the wrong css class (due to the way the dialog is built, the original div gets the .ui-dialog-content class, not the .ui-dialog class.
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