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#15125 cantfix datepicker.parseDate return incorrect date on Firefox (date parsed -1) Rodrigo Pan Rodrigo Pan

By running a parse function in updated Firefox, the returned date gets the day -1. This bug has been identified only in Firefox. In Chrome and IE works perfectly. Testing with other date formats was also performed, but the problem persists. Here is an example:

Var ret = $ .datepicker.parseDate ("dd / mm / yy", "03/01/2016")
Console.log(ret);  //this return Day 02 and not Day 03

NOTE: If you use the ret.getDate () function, the returned day is correct.


#15123 switchClass method removes the class if the toAddClass equals to toRemoveClass diegoperl diegoperl

In the bellow block, an element has class 'class1' if I call switchClass on that element and both "classtoRemove" and "classToAdd" are the same then the class is removed. probably because jquery first add the class and then removes it. I would expect jquery first to remove the classes and then to add so it won't remove totally the class if both arguments are the same

<div id='myEl' class='class1'></div>

$('#myEl').switchClass('class1', 'class1');
#15122 worksforme tooltip not coming in firefox 50.0.2 anagh416

Hello , i m using tooltip from below lib

  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>

in my angular 2 project . though tooltip is working fine for Chrome , IE and safari . it is not coming in firefox . not visible at all on mouse over ... version i use is 50.0.2 for firefox.. please help


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