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#7741 fixed ui.sortable is not working when it is extended TomWolk

I extended the ui.sortable widget to add some additional functionality. I gave the new widget a new name so I can still use the original sortable.

But with a new name 2 methods stopped working because the name of the widget was hard coded in those methods.

I changed the line

var inst = $.data(cur[j], 'sortable');


var inst = $.data(cur[j], this.widgetName);

in the methods

_getItemsAsjQuery and _refreshItems

and now it works!

Greetings Thomas

#11227 duplicate ui.sortable connectWith draggable draggable.helper is added, not draggable.item stef

When I drag an item from a draggable list (a tr from a table) to a sortable list (a tbody from a table), in the receive event, ui.item is the dragged item (the original tr from draggable table), but in the update event, ui.item is the helper that has been created for the dragging action.

See for example.

In my application, the problem was exist since jqueryui 1.11.2. No problem with 1.11.1 version. Tested with firefox 31.

#2534 fixed ui.sortable - imbricate sortable bug paul karibouk

important bug in sortable : a sortable into an another sortable doesnt work

example :

<div class="sortable1">
   <div class="item sortable2">
      <div class="item"></div>
      <div class="item"></div>
   <div class="item"></div>
   <div class="item"></div>

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