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#7519 invalid mouseup pb with IE9 PIR2 PIR2


I've encountered a bug with IE 9 and resizing using the layout plugin (

(possibility that resizable, draggable, mouse widgets are implied)

I don't know if it's an IE 9 bug or Jquery UI widget bug.

The pb : see above for instructions to reproduce the bug at

This is also reported by another user at : (and you can reproduce it using ui-demo :

  • drag and drop between the connected lists
  • after the last drop, move your mouse to the right and hover over the links in the Examples sidebar.
  • expected result: hover causes cursor to change, actual result: cursor doesn't change
  • now click somewhere on the screen
  • hover over the links again and the cursor will change as expected.

We've noticed also : After the resize and/or drag, without click, try closing the browser, you have to take two clicks to close IE 9. After the resize, move the cursor to a text or link field and you will see that the cursor image is not altered.

We've also discussed this here :

#9114 invalid Dialog Effect Complete event not firing PangbornIdentity PangbornIdentity

Works for 1.9

Does not work for 1.10.1

#9847 invalid iframeFix breaks click functionality Paradox Paradox

When draggable with iframeFix:true is applied to object, mouseup event (and click as well) is not fired. For instance, draggable links in inframe could not be clicked by user.

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