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#15055 fixed checkbox radio inside dialog does not work Alexander Schmitz Backslider23

I am using a jquery-ui checkbox within a dialog. This is causing the ".ui-widget-content .ui-state-hover" css rule that defines the background property to override the .ui-icon-check rule that defines the correct background-position for the checkbox image. I believe this is because it is more specific.

The result is that a checkbox within a widget-content shows the wrong image.

Check it here:

#13022 patcheswelcome event "stop" not fired (XboxOne+IE / Ubuntu+Firefox) Baebeca Baebeca

The stop Event is not fired on xbox One Internet Explorer and some Ubuntu+Firefox combinations. At the Moment i only can test the xbox issue

newest versions of jQuery and jQueryUI are used My Code:

        range: "min",
        min: 0,
        value: 35,
        start: function(event,ui) { console.log('start'); },
        slide: function(event, ui) { console.log('slide'); },
        stop: function(event,ui) {
          // i do some stuff here
#5965 notabug Sharps (#) interact with url like Bahanix

The sharp causes some troubles if you use datepicker and JS to use URLs which look like /#smtg/other.php

Before: '" href="#">' + printDate.getDate() + '</a>')) + '</td>'; display selectable date

After '">' + printDate.getDate() + '</a>')) + '</td>'; display selectable date

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