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#2014 fixed UI Sortable: opacity effect antonn

I suggest to add another mode of how sortable element disappears on a sortstart and appears on new position on sortstop.

If we pass {opacityMode: true} in options, we then could hide/show element with .css("opacity", o.opacitySortStart
'0.15') and .css("opacity", o.opacitySortEnd '1') rather than with changing visibility property.

File with the code is attached to this ticket.

#2017 fixed UI sortable start callback antonn

It would be nice to exchange places of triggering sortstart event and hiding element with visibility:hidden.

I.e. this:

$(this.element).triggerHandler("sortstart", [e, that.prepareCallbackObj(this)], o.start);
$(this.element).css('visibility', 'hidden');

should become this:

$(this.element).css('visibility', 'hidden');				
$(this.element).triggerHandler("sortstart", [e, that.prepareCallbackObj(this)], o.start);

doing so will give more control for interface designers to style their sortable elements behaviour.

Example of usage:

    start: function (e, el) {
        $(this).css({visibility : "visible", opacity: "0.15"});
    stop: function (e, el) {
        $(this).css({visibility : "visible", opacity: "1"});
#2019 fixed ui.resizable misses option "snap to grid" and "animation/fx" eduardo djot

- Hi,

The resizables miss the option to snap to a grid (e.g. snap to 5px grid only).

Not for me, but other will ask for animation/fx options.

djot -

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