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#15120 wontfix Jquery dialog box needs better customization options Jeff-Schafer
  1. There should be an easy way to add a jQuery built-in ui-icon to the left side of the Titlebar (with the titlebar text after it). Right now, it appears the only way to get an icon in the Titlebar is to use the following code:

$('.ui-dialog-titlebar').append('<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-alert"></span>');

This is really poor since it puts the icon right next to the Close button, AND, each time user opens up the dialog box, it appends another icon to it.

  1. There should be an easy way to change the background color of the Titlebar. Right now, it appears the only way is to use the following code:



title: "My Error Box",


}).prev(".ui-dialog-titlebar").css("background-color", "#ff1a1a");

Using ".prev" is unintuitive. The user wants to add the background color to THIS element that was selected, not the Previous one.

It would be more intuitive to have a "titleBgColor:" option that would go below the "title:" part shown above.

For example: titleBgColor: "red",

Ditto for the message section of the dialog box ("messageBgColor:").

For example: messageBgColor: "blue",

It can be done with the following, but should be a simple option like the "title:" part is:

$("#dialogError").css("background", "aqua");

I have not found any way to change the background color of the jQuery popup message box at the bottom where the OK button is.

Right now, the only color is white, and looks really poor.

"ui-dialog-titlebar, ui-icon ui-icon-alert" do not appear to work.

I don't know if these are bugs, or if they are features that have not been added yet.

I've been Googling everything today to find the answers to these, but these poor work arounds are the only thing I found. And, nothing for the background color for the bottom part of the dialog box where the OK button is.

#15118 duplicate jQuery UI datepicker not selecting the correct month in 1.12.1 cersos

When loading jQuery 3.1.1 and jQuery UI 1.12.1 (both production versions) the datepicker forward and back arrows do not take you to the proper months when numberOfMonths is greater than 1 and showCurrentAtPos is greater than 0.

Here is an example of the broken behavior:

To get it to work properly, I had to load the GIT version 1.12.0-pre

Here is an example of it working as it should:

#15114 notabug Bug in jquery autocomplete change event NarenGummadi

If we change text in automcomplete control, it fires the change event successfully. However, the item is null which is an issue.

I saw bug# 8847 which is related without a solution. Is this resolved? If yes, please provide steps.

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