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#3488 fixed ui.sortable - IE6+ doesn't fire click-event after sorting paul C-rank

I got a sortable list with e.g. 10 items containing a line of icons (for further actions) and below an image.

Before sorting one of those items the click-event on the images works fine. But after sorting one item, the click-events on the icons of the sorted item, are not firing any more.

Short: Before sorting, clicking the icons of sorted element works fine

After sorting, clicking the icons of sorted element won't work any more.

Works fine in Opera, FF... but NOT in IE6+ Errors in Firebug: None.

See file-attachment for a "working" demo.

#2554 fixed ui.sortable - IE Bug in serialize with custom attribute paul dachande

Serializing a sortable in IE with a custom attribute as option returns nothing.


$('.groupWrapper').sortable('serialize', { attribute: 'class' });

I've experimented with ui.sortable.js and found a workaround for this.

Replace line 114 in ui.sortable.js

var res = (this.getAttribute(o.attribute || 'id') || '').match(o.expression || (/(.+)[-=_](.+)/));

with the following:

var res = ($(this).attr(o.attribute || 'id') || '').match(o.expression || (/(.+)[-=_](.+)/));
#3241 wontfix ui.sortable + table + (cellspacing > 0) = problem paul kwaping

Please see attached code example. A setting of any positive value for cellspacing creates visual issues when sorting rows of a table. It appears to double the cellspacing attribute under certain circumstances. Setting the cellspacing attribute to zero resolves the issue, but this is a workaround at best.

I have only tested this issue with Firefox and Safari 3.1.2 on OSX. The issue appears in both browsers.

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