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#8790 invalid Disable keyboard shortcuts in menu Patrik Patrik

There are cases when a user want to disable the keyboard shortcuts in An example is when an input field is a part of the menu (could be login).

A simple option to the constructor which defaults to "on" solves this.

#9535 invalid resizable() does not take scrollposition of containment into account PaulSinnema PaulSinnema


I'm quite new to jQuery UI but not to jQuery. We use the Kendo UI from Telerik to build our website. We are currently building a gantt chart inside a row of the Kendo UI grid. The problem here is that the rows can be scrolled horizontally and vertically. When the grid is at position 0, 0 the resizable() function works flawlessly but as soon as I start scrolling the postion of the sizing element is calculated wrong in the _mouseStart. I've created a patch for it. I've pasted it below.

Regards Paul

_mouseStart: function(event) {

var curleft, curtop, cursor,

o = this.options, iniPos = this.element.position(), el = this.element;

this.resizing = true;

bugfix for if ( (/absolute/).test( el.css("position") ) ) {

el.css({ position: "absolute", top: el.css("top"), left: el.css("left") });

} else if (".ui-draggable")) {

var scrollLeft = 0; var scrollTop = 0; if (o.containment) {

scrollLeft = o.containment.scrollLeft(); scrollTop = o.containment.scrollTop();

} el.css({ position: "absolute", top: + scrollTop, left: iniPos.left + scrollLeft});


#9714 notabug Infinite focus/blur loop when clicking on auto selectable input which is above a modal Petah Petah

I have a case where I have an input that sits on top of everything on a page.

The input has a script that auto selects all the text in it when it is focused.

However when I open a jQuery UI dialog the browser is put into an infinite focus/blur loop.

Anyway to prevent this happening? Or am I doing anything wrong?


<div class="dialog">I am a dialog</div> <input id="input" value="Click on me then look in your console" />



modal: true


var blur = 0; var focus = 0;

$('#input').on('focus', function() {

focus++; console.log('focus #'+focus); var inp = this; setTimeout(function() {;

}, 1);


$('#input').on('blur', function() {

blur++; console.log('blur #'+blur);



#input {

position: relative; z-index: 5000; border: 2px solid red; width: 400px;


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