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#10141 cantfix .resizable() buggy in centered divs flashspys

If you drag and resize the div a little bit you'll notice that dragging will work fine, but resizing is very buggy.

It only happen on centered divs but on every centered div like centered via text-align and display: inline-block or even when the div is centered by <center> :D

I have no way to center this div without being buggy :(

#10646 worksforme .selectmenu hiding behind dialog cshaw

When using the selectmenu() function within a div which has been converted into a dialog with .dialog().

The Select Menu Displays as normal, but when clicked the options list is hidden behind both the dialog and the overlay.

It would appear that the z-index is not dynamically calculated.

Attempted .css() techniques to temporarily set z-index to top to rectify the problem but it causes selectmenu to break the layout in other area's, such as when datepickers are used near a select menu.

#4764 notabug .show() bug with Firefox 3.5 combus

I've been working with jQuery UI for some time now, and I really love it. Though, I found out that the show() method does not work properly on Firefox 3.5 with elements whom parents were originally hidden. The elements will keep appearing and dissapearing rapidly.

Thanks, Combus

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