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#10593 duplicate Dialog: Allow the focused element (on close) to be configured PeterB PeterB

The "bug" which was fixed in 1.10 (I believe) which restores focus on close means you can no longer make a dialog open on focus.

If you do you can never close the dialog (because when the close resets focus the focus trigger event reloads the dialog).

Please add an option to let it work as it used to before this (painful for us) "fix".

#14956 notabug CPU Leak with setInterval on Tooltip PhoenixFnX PhoenixFnX

I have an issue on jquery-ui tooltip component I have the exact code line where a CPU leak occur I would like to know if you can help me or if it is a bug

Search for "#8644" in this code : There is an Interval defined here which is sometimes never cleared It is not stopped when we are clicking too frequently on buttons that have tooltips... It's hard to reproduce but I have a developper where I could analyse the bug and I found that this specific interval keeps alive (many of them actally, 20 sometimes)

Thank you for your help. Nicolas.

#15081 notabug autoFocus=true causes one UX issue PierreFrancoisOptile PierreFrancoisOptile

Hi, I have integrated the autocomplete component for which I have set autoFocus=true in order to have the first item highlighted in the dropdown list of filtered results.

Quick note here: in general the "highlighted" item is selected when user clicks on it or press tab or enter.

Issue: When the first item is highlighted after expanding the dropdown, if the user presses Enter or Tab, the item is not selected

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on the arrow to expand
  2. Press tab

Expected result: Highlighted item (in that case the first one) should become selected

Thank you for considering my request

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