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#4501 fixed Tabs should work with ordered lists (<ol>) in addition to unordered (<ul>) BenBlank

Currently, the tabs component will only read "tabbing" links from unordered lists. As ordered lists use identical structure, this seems like an unnecessary restriction.

Use case: I am currently building a tabbed interface which represents a multi-step application process. The steps (and tabs) are prominently displayed as "1. Getting Started", "2. Personal Info", etc., and the tabbing links have accelerator keys of 1, 2, etc. Clearly, the tabs semantically represent an ordered list, but using one prevents the use of the tabs component.

Find attached a simple patch against [source:/trunk/ui/[email protected] ui.tabs.js] which will cause the tabs component to use the first list in the target element, regardless of whether it is ordered or unordered.

#9223 worksforme Child elements do not animate correctly when using animateClass (addClass, removeClass, toggleClass, switchClass) BenEllis

reproduced in IE9, Firefox 19.02, Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m in 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise

Child elements are not being animated when using the animatedClass feature. e.g.

addClass('myclass', 500);
removeClass('myclass', 500);
toggleClass('myclass', 500);
switchClass('myclass', 500);

I believe this is down to this line of code in jquery-ui-1.10.1,

allAnimations = o.children ? animated.find( "*" ).addBack() : animated;

o.children is always undefined as it is the return value from the $.speed call, I believe this should probably be,

allAnimations = animated.children().length > 0 ? animated.find("*").addBack() : animated;

however, the animation can be slow for elements with a large number of children.

The best fix would be to probably identify which elements would be affected by adding the class to the root element and only animating those elements.

A quick fix is to add a childSelector argument to only animate those children defined by the calling client code, this is a bit of a smell but is probably the best solution for performance.

#9224 worksforme using toggleClass('myClass', 1000) does not animate the BenEllis

reproduced in IE9, Firefox 19.02, Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m in 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise

When a switch parameter is not supplied, the toggleClass method does not work when specifying animation parameters.

It looks fairly obvious from the jquery.ui.effect.js code below that the wrong parameters are being passed to animateClass,

toggleClass: (function( orig ) {
		return function( classNames, force, speed, easing, callback ) {
			if ( typeof force === "boolean" || force === undefined ) {
				if ( !speed ) {
					// without speed parameter
					return orig.apply( this, arguments );
				} else {
					return $ this,
						(force ? { add: classNames } : { remove: classNames }),
						speed, easing, callback );
			} else {
				// without force parameter
				return $ this,
					{ toggle: classNames }, force, speed, easing );

I have a patch with a fix for this and Ticket #9223 that I will attach shortly.

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