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#2028 fixed X/Y parameters to dialogs, example included jontsa

Please add X/Y parameters to dialog options. The current "position" parameter is too limited so I use the following patch:

Index: /resources/trunk/js/jquery/ui/dialog.js
--- /resources/trunk/js/jquery/ui/dialog.js (revision 8114)
+++ /resources/trunk/js/jquery/ui/dialog.js (revision 8168)
@@ -36,5 +36,7 @@
 			drag: true,
 			resize: true,
-			shadow: false // It's quite slow
+			shadow: false, // It's quite slow
+			x: false,
+			y: false
 		var o = o || {}; $.extend(options, o); //Extend and copy options
@@ -108,5 +110,5 @@
-			uiDialog.css({top: top, left: left});
+			uiDialog.css({top: options.y?options.y:top, left: options.x?options.x:left});
#2033 fixed tabsRotate - browser adress bar loses focus klaus klaus

...every time the next tab is activated, making it hard to enter a new adress at all.

#2038 fixed Split out display date and date value formats grabanski adcworks

It would be so very useful to be able to display a different format to the format used as the actual value.

For example, in the UK we use the display format dd/mm/yy which is how i'd like users to see the date in the box when selected.

But we still use the MySQL date and datetime column data types as-is, and as such it would remove a conversion headache to receive yy-mm-dd from the date picker on a form submission.

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