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#15108 wontfix button: compatibily on input checkbox broken Bago Bago

The old button ui options on input checkbox do not work anymore.

The upgrade documentation say that the old options are deprecated but that they are expected to be backward compatible in 1.12: they will be removed in 1.13.

Here is a jsbin proving the broken backward compatibility:,js,console,output

It seems the compatibility layer for "button" is there, but the compatibility layer for "checkboxradio" has not been written at all.

#15107 duplicate Unexpected auto-loading attempt with URI inline GET parameters Jonathan Brain

Had strange effect with TABs not working / attempting auto-loading.

For example with this URI tab worked as expected :

But with this URI they did not (in example issue now fixed):

These are treated identically as far as the code is concerned. Stripped stuff out of site code and narrowed issue to jQueryUI tabs.

The solution found was to add the _isLocal function below.

if (jQuery.fn.tabs) {
  jQuery.ui.tabs.prototype._isLocal = function() { return true; };

Looked as the jQueryUI JS code and can see the place where it is making the unexpected Ajax call, but not familiar enough with the source / not time to look further.

The accordion is working correctly, thought it might have similar issue.

#15106 fixed $.position.scrollbarWidth() always gets zero when system theme has very wide scrollbars on Firefox Scott González Qi Fan

Version: jquery-ui 1.12.1 Browser: Firefox 50. Not reproducible on IE or Chrome. OS: Windows 7. Xubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

Steps to reproduce: Windows 7:

  1. In Windows control panel, open "Appearance and Personalization" -> "Personalization" -> "Window Color". Select "Item" to "Scrollbar". Set size to 45.
  2. Open Firefox 50, load jquery and jquery-ui, access $.position.scrollbarWidth().
  3. You get 0.

Xubuntu 16.04.1 LTS:

Use windows 7 steps 2 and 3.

Live demo:

Expected Behaviour: $.position.scrollbarWidth() should return correct scrollbar width.

position.scrollbarWidth gets the scrollbar width by creating a hidden 50px by 50px element and fill it with large content.

On Firefox, when the scrollbar width is large and the element is small, all scrollbars become hidden.

Usually 50x50 div is enough for most default OS themes, but the default xubuntu (xfce) 16.04 theme has just enough scrollbar width to hide scrollbars in a 50x50 div.

I changed the dimensions of the hidden element to 100x100 for my own project to at least get correct scrollbar width for users running Xubuntu default theme, but this may not help if someone using Windows sets system scrollbar width to 100.

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