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#9009 notabug Using buttonset() with particular selector lead to wrong behavior and JavaScript error RedXIII RedXIII

When I try to apply buttonset() to an element by the following selector: "#id .style", each time I click on the buttons, browser reports about uncaught error. For example (IE9):

SCRIPT5022: cannot call methods on button prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'widget' 
jquery-1.9.0.js, line 490 character 3

Also, buttons in group behave improperly: selection ("checked") flag persists on previously selected buttons.

Example is here:

Browsers tested: IE9, Chrome, Safari (latest versions).

#8863 invalid Tooltip freezed Revencu Revencu

When a content has refreshed by jquery load function, the tootip object (from this content)is freezed on screen

#5427 wontfix Modify "today" Date RiPr RiPr

There is no "easy" way to modify the "today" date. Please include this function in one of the next updates! In some cases the user has an old/wrong system date. So you can repair the (default, current min- and max)date by server time, but there is no way to repair the today date.

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