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#1887 fixed Sortables -- bad options do not fail gracefully, explode rdworth Bradley

Some sortable options do not fail gracefully/silently if passed an argument of the wrong type. For instance, the update option expects a function. If you pass a string by accident, it should fail gracefully but rather goes into an infinite loop of errors.

Infinite loop of errors

$("#list li").sortable({

update: 'oops its a string'


A simple conditional could stop this effect:


if (typeof theargument != 'function') { fail gracefully }

I've seen this with sortables, specifically the stop and update options, but I'm sure it's in other areas such as draggables also. While it does take human error to trigger it, human error should not make your browser explode.

#1894 fixed Interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight ? Adrenalin

Can you please add interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight like effect since it doesn't work anymore with jQuery 1.2.1.. And I can't do "movie like" effects :(

Maybe that's already in some trunk since I need to use that urgent..

#1896 fixed Tabs - layout problem on IE6 and IE7 when switching to RTL klaus Rgantree

Hi, I'm geting a bug on IE browsers when switching my files from LTR to RTL

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