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#15134 wontfix Accordion widget fails AX_IMAGE_01 test Rich Morin Rich Morin

Google Chrome's Accessibility Developer Tools indicates that the Accordion widget's use of disclosure triangles fails their audit rule AX_IMAGE_01:

"Meaningful images should not be used in element backgrounds"

#10034 notabug Tabs destroy normal lists Robotic-Brain Robotic-Brain

While developing for Typo3 I noticed that any list with <ul> inside a "tabbed div" is converted to tabs even though it shouldn't. The documentation states

The tabs themselves must be in either an ordered (<ol>) or unordered (<ul>) list
Each tab "title" must be inside of a list item (<li>) and wrapped by an anchor (<a>) with an href attribute

however this gets converted to tabs when calling $("#someCustomTabs").tabs();:

<div id="someCustomTabs">

even multiple levels below as seen in the Typo3 backend.

#4508 invalid Sortable grid vertical cursor position issues RowanBeentje RowanBeentje

The Sortable plugin, when in Grid mode, interacts oddly depending on the vertical position of the mouse cursor within the dragged item. Steps to reproduce:

1) Visit
2) Click on item "3", in the space between the top of the digit "3" and the top border.
3) Drag it horizontally across "4" - note that four never shifts across, unless you also drag "3" downwards.
4) Reload the page.
5) Click on the very bottom of item "4".
6) Drag it horizontally to the left, above "3" - note that it also needs to be moved upwards for the sort to occur.

I'm actually working with a non-grid sortable widget which uses float on the sortable items, to achieve a grid-like feel with mixed-height items. Most of the items that require sorting are significantly taller than they are wide, so this issue is being run into all the time - still easy once you have the knack of dragging to the top/bottom as well, but it can mean sorts will *never* register if also used with the Constrain option - if you've clicked too near the top or bottom!

I'm aware that this is "unsupported" behaviour, but I figure that if the Grid view behaviour is fixed, it's likely to resolve the issues for me as well :)

Keep up the great work!

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