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#2048 fixed DATEPICKER 3.2 (trunk) event string concat bug for cells onmouseover/out mnichols

onmouseover and onmouseout have bad syntax since the end quote is included as the right-hand side of the tertiary conditional. See attached patch. It works now.


#2052 fixed UI mouse.js does not recognise parent with fixed position wizzud

Line 144 (approx) tests for a parent of relative or absolute position...

if( && ($(cp).css('position') == 'relative'
$(cp).css('position') == 'absolute')) {

This causes problems in IE7 (standards mode) when dragging an element that has a fixed-position parent and the page is scrolled - the dragged element immediately jumps down by the amount of the page scroll. I fixed this - with no apparent(!) detrimental effect on FF, Opera or IE quirks (Windows only) - by modifying line 144 to read...

if( && $(cp).css('position') != 'static') { that it tests for the parent being non-static rather than specifically for relative/absolute.

I should point out that in my case the element being dragged had an *immediate* parent that was fixed; I have not tested cases where the fixed parent was several steps back up the DOM (either with or without an intervening relative/absolute parent).

#2053 fixed ui.slider - Multiple sliders - moveTo function with startValues. eduardo jamez

I've modified ui.slider.js because I want to set the sliders to initial values and/or change the slider values via javascript.

Init example: $('#example3').slider({ steps: 10, startValues:[0,40] });

I know this was a planned/todo function (or rather modify the moveTo function) but you may find this helpful.

Lines 86, 138-142, 295-326 contain my changes.


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