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#2355 notabug .sortable("serialize") unable to handle id with '-' in it paul Bitruder

If run .sortable("serialize") on a list with an item that has an id with '-' in it, then that id is chopped off just before the - character.

<div id="sortlist"> <div class="sortable" id="test-id">Content</div> <div class="sortable" id="test-again">Hello</div> </div>

If you make that a sortable and then serialize it, you get two test', not test-id' and `test-again'.

(using UI 1.5b)

#8820 notabug .sortable('destroy') fails in widget.bridge with uncaught exception 'cannot call methods prior to initialization'. fwdillema fwdillema

.sortable('destroy') fails with uncaught exception 'cannot call methods prior to initialization'.

This occurs when using jquery-ui 1.9.1 together with jquery-1.7.2. Upgrading jquery to 1.8 makes this issue disappear, but as jquery-ui claims it should work with jquery-1.6 and up, I still regard this a bug.

the exception occurs here in widget.bridge, because $.data( this, fullName ); returns nothing with jquery-1.7.2:

if ( isMethodCall ) {

this.each(function() {

var methodValue,

instance = $.data( this, fullName );

if ( !instance ) {

return $.error( "cannot call methods on " + name + " prior to initialization; " +

"attempted to call method '" + options + "'" );


#8094 fixed .sortable() after "destroy" does not work zuckel

In my scenario I need to activate and deactivate sortable lists a lot. After upgrading from 1.8.16 to 1.8.17 my sortables will only work the first time.

Example: <div id="sortStuff">

<div>text</div> <div>text</div> <div>text</div>


<script> $('#sortStuff').sortable(); $('#sortStuff').sortable("destroy"); $('#sortStuff').sortable(); </script>

Items will be sortable in 1.8.16, but not in 1.8.17.

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