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#15089 notabug bower distribution of jquery-ui does not include minified widgets ajssd

We download jquery-ui using bower, and we AMD 'require' it in using require.js. Roughly something like:

	paths: {
		'jquery-ui': 'bower_components/jquery-ui/ui',

And then we do something like

   require("jquery-ui/widgets/sortable" ...)

but that points to non-minified code. I would have expected to configure requirejs like this:

	paths: {
		'jquery-ui': 'bower_components/jquery-ui/ui/minified',

since there is a minified copy of all files like form.js, tabbable.js, etc. in the minified directory.

BUT the problem is there is no minified/widgets directory. All the files in the 'ui' directory (AND any sub-directories like widgets and effects) should ALSO be in the minified directory.

That way, requirejs can point to either jquery-ui/ui or jquery-ui/ui/minified and get the same set of files.

#15088 notabug selectmenu not compatible to IE 7 h-h-

The demo site of jQueryUI itself does not work when using IE 11 under Win7, 64bit when opening development tools (F12) and selecting compatibility to IE 7 or IE 5. Error: "Mitglied nicht gefunden" (I use german IE). It means "Member not found".

The error occurs at line 25 of default.html:

$( "#speed" ).selectmenu();

And finally at line 8579 in jquery-1.12.4.js:

ret.value = value += "";

The selectmenu in question will not be shown. When debugging and skipping the 1st selectmenu statement then it will be shown but the 2nd one is missing.

#15087 duplicate jQuery UI Date Picker Bug 2001 tunwin819 tunwin819

When using an icon trigger, if the date is preset to a 2001 date. When changing date using the calender picker. The year field will not update.

To reproduce:

  • Manually enter 10/12/2001
  • Click the calender Icon and select Oct 01 2016.
  • The date will change to 10/01/2001 instead of 10/01/2016
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