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#9403 notabug Problem jquery ui (from 1.9.0 and later) in ui-state-hover using autocomplete combobox Bertuccia

Hello, i've a little problem with ui-state-hover. I want change background color of "li" element in the list, it's easy to do using code like that ".ui-autocomplete li.ui-menu-item a:hover{background: blue;color:white;}". This css function work perfectly, but a little problem is present. When my cursor is over the selected element, the "hover" css work correctly, but when i move my cursor, the background color change into default state only for one second This problem is present only from 1.9 and later version (about jquery - ui). Can you help me please ? Thank a lot.

#3534 fixed Dialog: Modal dialog disables all input elements on page. Scott González Bethrezen

If i create a dialog using this code:

	 width: 450,
	 height: 300,
	 title: "Procents",
		buttons: {
			"Ok": function() {
			"Cancel": function() {
modal: true,
		overlay: {
			opacity: 0.5,
			background: "black"

Then all my input elements(ie. checkboxes, buttons, textfields) are non-clickable. If i disable "modal" option of dialog - all works OK.

jquery version 1.2.6 jquery ui 1.6rc2 This bug works in Firefox 3.0.3 and Opera 9.60. On win and linux. On IE I didn't tested it.

#7915 worksforme removeClass with delay gives error in IE8 Biff_MaGriff

JSFiddle -

More details in my SO question.

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