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#1644 duplicate sortable demo - js error john djot

- Hi,

In the 4th demo of sortables "4. Floating, proxy class" I get an error when I am trying to move items around many times, not just once.

firebug message (FF on WinXP): [Break on this error] this.parentNode.removeChild( this ); core.js (line 1097) this.parentNode has no properties

djot -

#1645 worksforme selectable demo - errerous selection codesquare djot

- Hi,

UI demo selection does not work (except selecting with CTRL+click).

  1. A simple click on an item does not select anything in most cases, sometimes yes, most times not.
  1. Deselecting: A simple click on an already selected item does de-select it. (Test that with several selected and CTRL+clickS also!)
  1. Selecting by mouse pressed down and moving the pointer (drawing selection rectangel) does not select the complete list, misses one or more items, not always, but most times.

See my screenshot:

3.1 Text should not get selected (blue)

3.2 "And Me" was not selected, while selecting with the mouse, (starting from the red point)

3.3 Starting from the lower left does not select anything when just moving over the (all) bullets. If you do not select any of the letters (text) nothing gets selected. If you move over the first characters of the text, most times only some of the items get selected, not all.

djot -

#1647 wontfix boundaries for resizeables paul djot

- Hi,

see screenshot ...

Resizeables should not resize out of the iframe width/height - at least no when this is turned off by option (could not find that option though in the docu).

"enhancement" - new options:

  1. parent - the resizeable should stay in the parent container (here: white box or iFrame)
  1. unnamed - the resizeable should (TRUE) or should not (FALSE=default) resize to a bigger size than the element it is in (here: iFrame). Most times it's not wanted that the resizeable could get that big and that the iframe shows scrollbars then (which probably did no display before).

djot -

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