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#2823 fixed ui.slider 'moveTo' bug paul tobi

can't set 0 (number) value to the moveTo. This not works: $('#slider').slider('moveTo',0); but this: $('#slider').slider('moveTo','0'); In the code: line 351

if(o.axis != "vertical" && x) {

and line 359

if(o.axis != "horizontal" && y) {

#5186 duplicate ui.size not true to size of resizable ollie2893

I recently had some major headaches because child elements within my resizable container would often and pretty randomly burst out of alignment for no apparent reason. I managed to replicate the problem in the following, trivial piece of code.

var t1= $("<div>")

.appendTo("body") .css({

"background": "white", "border": "1px solid black", "height": "100px", "width": "100px"

}) .resizable() .bind( "resize", function(e,ui) {

if (!ui) return false; t2.css({

"height": ui.size.height, "width": ui.size.width



var t2=$("<div>")

.appendTo(t1) .css({

"background": "red", "border": "none", "height": "100%", "position": "relative", "width": "100%"


This code produces a red box inside a resizable white box. The red box should cover the white box at all times. This is done here by intercepting the resize event (whereby defeating the DOM's usual 100% height/width automatism). The resize handler simply assigns the supposedly new size of the resizable to the inner box. Try repeatedly to resize the white box in any browser of your choice. At some point, the red box will be out of alignment by 1+ px, either at the bottom or the right. I've seen this misaligned by as much as 5px !!!

PS: You might wish to note the curious "if(!ui)return false;" statement inside the resize handler. I had to put this there for the benefit of IE6 which would spuriously receive these resize events w/o any ui attached :-(

#5521 invalid ui.sender not correct durring connected drags TrailTrackers TrailTrackers

When dragging across multiple sortable elements during one drag event, the ui.sender should update to the most recent sortable element dragged through. It currently remains set to the original container.

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