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#5648 invalid Dialog: [IE] Modal dialog's overlay in small RTL documents creates scrollbars Slick Slick

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a small RTL document (i.e. a few lines).
  • Open a modal dialog.

Notice that the overlay creates vertical scrollbar in the page.
Tested with IE8 standart & Quirks.

#7495 notabug DatePicker in dialog causes Out of stack error. Soozook Soozook

I have a datepicker on a dialog. To reproduce the problem.

1) Open Dialog 2) select a date 3) Press Cancel on dialog to close it. 4) reopen dialog. 5) Try to select a date.

The code reports an Out of Stack Error on this code


The date picker is a plane input control with thsi code on the dialog cshtml document

                dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy'

The Dialog is defined like this on the main cshtml document

        $(function () {

            $('a.asessionCreate').live("click", function (event) { editDialog(this, event, '#DivForCallback', '#IdGivenToPostBackFormOnDialog); });

        });   /* end document.ready() */

function editDialog(tag, event, target, formId) {
    var $url = $(tag).attr('href');
    var $title = $(tag).attr('title');
    var $dialog = $('<div></div>');
		        autoOpen: false
			    , title: $title
			    , width: 500
                , modal: true
			    , minHeight: 200
                , show: 'fade'
                , hide: 'fade'

    $dialog.dialog("option", "buttons", {
        "Cancel": function () {
#13002 Slider does not work with Jaws Sweatha12 Sweatha12

With jqueryui version 1.11.2, the user is not able to change the slider value in the date time picker using the short cut keys(left and right arrow keys). The same was working with version 1.10.3. Issue is specific to Firefox.

Working Scenario:

Non Working Scenario(with updated version)

Steps: Open dateTimePicker Focus on time Tab to the hour or minute slider Try to change the value using the left or right key

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