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#15074 fixed Form attribute ignored for dialog buttons Scott González Blipz

When defining buttons in a dialog, the "form" attribute seems to be ignored.

See for example

This behavior has appeared in 1.12.0.

Note: the "click" entry seems to be mandatory, is it normal?

#15073 duplicate Tab navigation is lost after choosing a date Arun

  1. use tab to navigate
  2. select a date using mouse click
  3. tab navigation is lost and does not focus to next ui control

Chrome browser Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit)

#15063 wontfix HTML5 dialog element issue with jQuery UI draggable Unnikrishnan Bhargavakurup

I have an issue with HTML5 dialog element and draggable, When I drag the dialog the mouse pointer is moving away from the element.

Please see this jsfiddle like for a working sample:

Please verify this in Chrome browser

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