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#15058 notabug button widget does not add ui-state-default and ui-state-hover for input buttons TheWitness TheWitness

If you are using the form input type of button, the buttons are not themed. They are missing the class ui-state-default, and on hover, they are not getting the class 'ui-state-hover'.


<input type='button' value='Some Text'/>

Does not receive proper styling.

#15057 notabug Dialog position flip doesn't work when pass coord manually Nickqwer Nickqwer

Dialog position flip doesn't work when I pass coordinates manually, but It works when it is an event. Here is the link.

#15056 notabug Modifier keys cause highlighted autocomplete to search with currently highlighted option. aiudirog

In an attempt to make it so that tab and shift-tab could cycle through the options in an autocomplete widget, I found that shift (and the other modifier keys) fall through the switch case that begins on line 108 (current Git version) in the keydown event handler, which causes the _searchTimeout function to be called when they are hit. This prevents them from being used to operate in conjunction with any other key without forcing a search. In the case of using shift-tab to cycle up through the options, when shift is pressed, the search is called, the first item is selected, and the autocomplete list shortens to items that begin with it before I can even hit tab. An easy fix is to simply expand the switch statement to ignore modifiers if they are the only key hit and leave them up to the programmer to handle on each specific input:

However, I do not know if this is the proper fix or if it necessarily should be fixed, which is why I didn't submit a pull request.

Thank you

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