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#9771 fixed Autocomplete: The input value should not be set when moving past the beginning or end or a menu for contenteditable Yermo2 Yermo2

I am building a rich text editor that features facebook like in-line tags and @mentions.

When the focus: event is cancelled (event.preventDefault()) the documentation says the input value should not be replaced when menu items are focused.

This works correctly until you go past the end or beginning of the menu, at which point it incorrectly resets the value. (Chrome 31.0.1650.63 under Ubuntu Linux)

See this jsfiddle:

To reproduce, type the word cold in the editable div and move the arrow key down past the end of the menu. You will see the cursor jump to the left.

The correct behavior should be that the cursor does not move.

The offending line is in jquery.ui.autocomplete.js in the _move: method at line 537.

Unfortunately, the editable div does not get a focus event so there doesn't seem to be a way to intercept this.

I suggest firing the focus() event before calling this._value() as in:

if ( && /^previous/.test( direction ) || && /^next/.test( direction ) ) {

   if ( false !== this._trigger( "focus", event, { item: null } ) ) {
      this._value( this.term );

#7808 duplicate Memory leak jQuery.ui.widget Yoshiharu Kamata Yoshiharu Kamata

Memory leak jQuery.ui.widget. Memory (private bytes of IE process) increases when create and destroy of the simple widget are repeated.

jQuery core 1.6.4 jQuery.ui 1.8.16 browser IE8 OS Windows XP SP3

Memory Leak test code

Workaround code

#9494 notabug inst.drawMonth & inst.drawYear can't set on beforeShow ZardoZAntony ZardoZAntony

need fix.

fix example:

_showDatepicker {
inst.drawMonth = inst.drawYear = -1;  
beforeShow = $.datepicker._get(inst, "beforeShow");
  if (inst.drawMonth == -1)     
      inst.drawMonth = inst.selectedMonth = date.getMonth();
       inst.selectedMonth = inst.drawMonth;

  if (inst.drawYear == -1)     
      inst.drawYear = inst.selectedYear = date.getFullYear();
      inst.selectedYear = date.getFullYear();

//inst.drawMonth = inst.selectedMonth = date.getMonth();
//inst.drawYear = inst.selectedYear = date.getFullYear();


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