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#1965 wontfix Error with Datepicker and text field clones on Firefox iMarc ultimas

When I clone a datepicker text field , I get the following error when the clone gets the focus.

Error: -inst has no properties

Line of the error pointed out by firebug: -var beforeShow = inst._get('beforeShow'); -ui.datepicker.yui... (line 393)

Only happens in Firefox. I'm using the version 3.2

#1969 notabug UI.draggable - limits/boundaries pwoldberg

Would be nice to have limits/boundaries for draggable elements. Currently it can be limited by a parent element and by x- or y-axis.

Example for implementation:

  limit: {top: 50, left: 100, bottom: 200, right: 200}

  axis : 'x',
  limit: {left: 100, right: 400}

I don't know if top, left, bottom and right would be best to set the boundaries, an other idea is to use x1, y1, x2 and y2.

#1973 fixed JQuery UI drag and drop issue in IE6. paul ewkoob

Created two droppable divs, absolute positioned (one on left and on on right of the page). Create two draggables.

When dragging the draggable from right to left on the page, the helper appears to go behind the right div.

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