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#9503 invalid External source for autocomplete doesn't allow get elements in URL BobvH BobvH

When setting the source for autocomplete as an external URL, adding get elements is not possible. For example: This works:

$( "#id" ).autocomplete({source: "file.php"});

This doesn't work:

$( "#id" ).autocomplete({source: "file.php?a=1"});

I think the reason for that is that it results into using this url: file.php?a=1?term=... in stead of file.php?a=1&term=...

#8214 notabug Datepicker not opens to previous date if format is used without a day Boro

For some reason the datepicker doesn't open to previously selected date if I use format that doesn't include day (e.g. 'MM yy'), as demonstrated here

This is related to the question I raised on Stack Overflow

Best Regards, Konrad Borowiecki

#9097 fixed UI dialog inheritance Boucman

If you create a widget (for example : $.mynamespace.mydialog) that inherits from ui.dialog, there is a bug in the $. Ui.dialog._createOverlay method. It throw a undefined error on .data("ui-dialog")._focusTabbable() because the data name should be "mynamespace-mydialog".

_createOverlay: function() {
		if ( !this.options.modal ) {

		if ( !$.ui.dialog.overlayInstances ) {
			// Prevent use of anchors and inputs.
			// We use a delay in case the overlay is created from an
			// event that we're going to be cancelling. (#2804)
			this._delay(function() {
				// Handle .dialog().dialog("close") (#4065)
				if ( $.ui.dialog.overlayInstances ) {
					this.document.bind( "focusin.dialog", function( event ) {
						if ( !$( ).closest(".ui-dialog").length &&
								// TODO: Remove hack when datepicker implements
								// the .ui-front logic (#8989)
								!$( ).closest(".ui-datepicker").length ) {
							$(".ui-dialog:visible:last .ui-dialog-content")

		this.overlay = $("<div>")
			.addClass("ui-widget-overlay ui-front")
			.appendTo( this._appendTo() );
		this._on( this.overlay, {
			mousedown: "_keepFocus"
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