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#2211 fixed Latest Sortable Demo - Disable Button Not working codesquare Pete Michaud

In the sortable demo, the disable button in the first example isn't working for the second list. The inline onclick call (tsk tsk) only disables on #example1, neglecting #example1_2. Similarly, enable only works for the first list.

#2229 fixed confusion between datepicker_currentDay class and datepicker_today class kbwood Zola


in the ui.css file, there seems to be a class intended to let you use a different background to differentiate between "today" and "day selected"

I set the current_day to light purple and the datepicker_today class to blue.

See the attached image:

When you open up the calendar, you see that today, January 23rd, is in purple like it's supposed to be. (left calendar view).

However, when I select a day, THAT day is then purple and the current day takes on the blue color (right calendar view)

If I swapped the two around, it still has the same problem, just in reverse--the current day would be blue, and change to purple while the selected day would turn to blue.

I think it's just class confusion--those two class names are very similar and it's hard to tell which class is for today and which is for the selected day, and clearly, that's what got messed up in the code.

Maybe it would be better to rename datepicker_today class to "datepicker_SelectedDate"? It would be nice to be able to use two different colors and have the current day remain the same color and have the selected day a different color.

#2234 fixed Tabs plugin with cookie refering an unavailable tab throws error klaus klaus

If a cookie exists for a certain tab (e.g. #fragment-15) and there's no such tab on the page an error occurs (tested in Firefox).

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