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#9081 notabug position plugin does not consider margins aNt1X aNt1X


the getDimensions() function uses outerHeight() and outerWidth() to compute target element's dimensions, but it does not consider margins.

I think that the following code

	return {
		width: elem.outerWidth(),
		height: elem.outerHeight(),
		offset: elem.offset()

should be

	return {
		width: elem.outerWidth(true),
		height: elem.outerHeight(true),
		offset: elem.offset()

Best regards

#6208 invalid Sortable: CSS Content Inside Drag LI aamirrajpoot aamirrajpoot

CSS #template3_headings > li:before


content: "\2022 ";


Now apply $("#template3_headings").sortable({OTHER OPTIONS});

If we drag and sort the item, it will not preserve its space. For now we are using an extra <span /> inside li to overcome this issue.

#3005 wontfix effects.scale: Enable option "to". aaron c_t

It would be nice if one could pass not only the "from"-option but also the "to"-option to effects.scale. Otherwise reverting a scale-effect where "from" was defined seems quite impossible.

I've attached a simple patch that allows specifying the "to"-option and that works for me without any drawbacks so far.

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