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#15047 duplicate Moving a draggable into a sortable within an iframe creates an offset between the mouse pointer and the draggable Sandro Böhme


when moving a draggable into a sortable that is located within an iframe, an offset between the mouse pointer and the draggable is created. Here you find the jsfiddle about that:

Thanks in advance for looking into that!

Best, Sandro

#15046 fixed Draggable: Incorrectly forcing blur when clicking inside a draggable but outside the handle Scott González Scott González


I was running into a problem with a popup menu control in a dialog; clicks weren't working (but keyboard was working fine). It turned out that the menu was getting destroyed before the click event could fire.

Tracked down the issue to the way draggable blurs focused controls; it was doing the blur before it ran through the logic to figure out if the drag was actually on the handle. I've moved the blur below these checks, so it'll only blur things if it actually needs to handle the drag. Otherwise, it asserts no opinion on what should and shouldn't be focused, which seems like the way things ought to be.

#15045 notabug Resizable: Resizable is not working from 1.8.4+ version tranquilodf tranquilodf

Hi! I am studying jQuery and when I'm trying to make an example of the default format and it is not working when I use versions 1.8.4+. Below is the code to check:

EDITED: Code blocks removed

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