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#15043 fixed Widget: Internal list of elements with classes can't be cleaned up Alexander Schmitz WickedDevils

I used the code from site and noticed a significant performance issue on my page. My list has ~3000 options in the combobox. I noticed that most of the time it was stuck in the in the jquery js file within this set of code:

        indexOf = function( list, elem ) {
                var i = 0,
                        len = list.length;
                for ( ; i < len; i++ ) {
                        if ( list[i] === elem ) {
                                return i;
                return -1;

Even though my list object was only expected to be ~3000 rows, it was actually significantly higher. Here is my stacktrace:

indexOf (jquery-1.12.4.js:644)
hasDuplicate (jquery-1.12.4.js:1375)
Sizzle.uniqueSort (jquery-1.12.4.js:1518)
processClassString (jquery-ui.js:510)
_classes (jquery-ui.js:523)
_toggleClass (jquery-ui.js:549)
_addClass (jquery-ui.js:537)
refresh (jquery-ui.js:5249)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
_suggest (jquery-ui.js:6100)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
__response (jquery-ui.js:6043)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
_superApply (jquery-ui.js:133)
__response (jquery-ui.js:6229)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:6027)
proxy (jquery-1.12.4.js:529)
_source (combobox.html:108)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
proxy (jquery-1.12.4.js:529)
_search (jquery-ui.js:6019)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
search (jquery-ui.js:6011)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:144)
(anonymous function) (jquery-ui.js:5992)
handlerProxy (jquery-ui.js:621)

In processClassString it does line:

current = $( $.unique( current.get().concat( options.element.get() ) ) );

The current list is my 3000 or so rows initially, and then it adds the elements back into that list making it roughly 6000 rows. Depending on how the user is interacting with the page (clicking the dropdown icon multiple times, typing into the textbox for the filter and then deleting the text, etc), it will keep adding to itself. At one point I had almost 200,000 rows in my 'list' variable.

I was able to reproduce this by stepping through the code using Chrome developer tools on .

#15042 fixed Sortable 'cancel' method raises js error "Uncaught TypeError: e.preventDefault is not a function" Scott González rmacfadyen

The underlying problem is that the cancel method passes a fake event object to _mouseUp... but the fake event is just an object literal "{ target: null }" rather than an actual event. _mouseUp calls preventDefault on the passed event... which throws the error.

Here's a fiddle that reproduces the behavior:

#15041 duplicate Checkboxradio has a wrong check color when checked: .ui-state-active .ui-icon is white essenov

The check should be black when the control is checked, but now it is using the default white image "images/ui-icons_ffffff_256x240.png" for ".ui-state-active" and the user cannot see the check.

Also suggest you to move the class ".ui-button" of the label to the options label tags so it can be excluded when you want to display it as a simple checkbox.

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