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#9226 wontfix animated addClass with many children is slow BenEllis BenEllis

As per this example,

When using

$('div.outer').addClass('myanimatedclass', {
    children: true,
    duration: 1000

if div.outer has many children the performance is slow, this appears to because the animateClass method uses the "any element" selector "*". Could this either only select children affected by the adding of the class, or, allow a selector to be passed in to select the children?


$('div.outer').addClass('myanimatedclass', {
    children: true,
    childSelector: 'div.inner',
    duration: 1000
#9203 invalid Search cancelled when triggered on select (regression from 1.8) BigBeaule BigBeaule

It's now impossible to trigger another search during the select callback. I have a single input field that will first show suggestions for a property A. Once selected, the input is supposed to show suggestions values for the property A right away:

    minLength: 0,
    source: function( request, response ) {
        ... some Ajax source that is working fine
    select: function( event, ui ) {
        ... adapted for ticket
        if ( A === null) 
            // Switch to property value selection
            A = ui.item.value;
            return false;

        VAL = ui.item.value;
        return true;

While searching the cause, I found that it's happening in the usage of the newly menu widget. If you look at line 284 (handler when selecting a value):

if ( false !== this._trigger( "select", event, { item: item } ) ) {
	this._value( item.value );
// reset the term after the select event
// this allows custom select handling to work properly
this.term = this._value();

this.close( event );
this.selectedItem = item;

The close event is called after the trigger on the select callback and since close is setting cancelSearch at true on any case, I can't prevent my triggered search to be cancelled. I notice that both putting the line this.close( event ) before the select trigger or using this._close( event ) instead is fixing my problem, but I haven't done enough tests to see if there's any other consequences.

Working jsFiddle (only have to switch between jquery UI 1.8.9 and 1.9.2 to see the difference)

#8340 duplicate Error: this.placeholder[0].parentNode is null Blackbird Blackbird

In function _clear(), there is the following line:


A check is missing IMO. In my code this.placeholder[0].parentNode is null when the above line is executed, therefore displaying an error in the Javascript console.

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