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#10459 notabug bug: Tabs: load ajax main page while link to local 4NcieN2

The problem is in: _isLocal: (function() { ....

return anchor.hash.length > 1 && anchorUrl ==== locationUrl;


When i fix it to _isLocal: (function() { ....

return anchor.hash.length > 1 && anchorUrl != locationUrl;


Then all works fine.

#3758 notabug non <ul><li> tags doesn't work for custom tabTemplate 4pcbr

I've tried to create tabs with tabTemplate: "<div><a href="#{href}"><span>{label}</span></a></div>" i.e. I've placed some divs into internal parent div, and find that here is an error while calling tabify method.

At lines 47 and 221 in ui.tabs.js here is a concrete li tag selectors:

l47: this.$lis = $('li:has(a[href])', this.element); l221: var $li = $(this).parents('li:eq(0)'),...

I've changed that selectors: '*:has(a[href])' and '*:eq(0)' It's enables useing another tags, similar to my example.

I think this way is more flexible for users while it's allowed to use custom template : )

#3782 fixed ui object should retrieve original position also 4pcbr

Resizable callbacks returns ui.size and ui.originalSize, i.e. user can get both original and actual sizes while only stop callback is called.

But if I wanna know original position of draggable element after it dragged, i should to remember its original position in start callback, and then get remembered original position object in a stop callback.

I think it is inconvenient, I need to remember original object somewhere and to define start callback for this purpose only(if not defined earlier : )).

Here is my uiHash modification:

uiHash: function(e) {

return {

helper: this.helper,

position: this.position,

absolutePosition: this.positionAbs,

originalPosition: this.originalPosition,

absoluteOriginalPosition: this.originalPositionAbs,

options: this.options



originalPositionAbs is defined in mouseStart(e) method:

this.originalPosition = this.generatePosition(e);

this.originalPositionAbs = this.convertPositionTo("absolute", this.originalPosition);

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