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#1674 fixed Theme is required for .shadow() to work john john

You have to include a theme file just to get .shadow() to do anything - that seems a little excessive.

#1677 fixed Need for appendTo-option in Selectables rdworth triekki

It would be good if there's a way to append the selecting helper to any custom place. There's equivalent option in Draggables.

#1679 fixed Sortable - this.parentNode has no properties on core.js paul ipalaus

I had troubles while using Opera and ui.sortables.js recently. I had a list using <li> with a simple Sortable() and it worked fine on the two major browsers (Firefox, IE 6/7). Testing against Opera 9.23 it didn't work. Opera 9.5 alpha release "Kestrel" works fine. When I check on Firefox another time using Firebug i found that when you start moving some Sortable element the console is continuously adding errors and never stops with "this.parentNode has no properties" (line 1098 on core.js).

jQuery version: 1.2.1 and current version (svn) UI version: 1.0 and current version (svn)

Failed failed with both stable and SVN, jQuery and UI

You can check this on

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